Title Guarantee

In the Cayman Islands, the property title is guaranteed by the government. To keep the benefit of guaranteed title, the buyer must file with the Land Registry, a modern system making the process simple, quick and safe. The Land Registry is efficiently run and, once a price has been agreed, land purchase is relatively simple. The contents on this registry are open to the public. This gives the potential purchaser an opportunity to examine the records of any property to determine who owns it and whether there are any charges or restrictions registered.

An attorney is not required for this process, but it is highly suggested to receive professional advice. Fees for a purchase are usually based on a percentage of the purchase price of the property. There are a number of quality law firms in the Cayman Islands to help with the property purchase. Below is who we can recommend:

Bodden & Bodden Attorneys At Law

Tel: (345) 945-0400
Fax: (345) 949-2335
Website: http://www.bcsl.ky

Sherri A. Bodden
Email: [email protected]

Lynn M. Bodden
Email: [email protected]

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