The Luxury of Fine Dining – Part 3

I have to admit, this is the time of year when I miss Grand Cayman the most.

In the states, it is cold and dreary. In Cayman, it is “just another beautiful day in paradise.” I can just picture it now – long sunny days and fun nights with friends and ambience. For a small little island of just 75 square miles in size, Grand Cayman has plenty of luxurious dining and nightlife options to keep you satisfied. I have already highlighted a few signature restaurants and locations from West Bay and Camana Bay to Seven Mle Beach and Rum Point. We will continue our journey and discover three more dining favorites before moving on to explore the luxurious Cayman after-dinner lounge and nightclub offerings.

By: Gavin P. Smith

First, for an Italian favorite that has been a hot spot for years, try Casanova Italian Restaurant on the magnificent George Town waterfront. In the words of the owners, they create “simple clean flavors that embody a classical style, but always with a modern twist.” You will enjoy a beautiful George Town harbor view by candlelight while dining on delicious courses paired with excellent selections of wine port and more. Casanova also has a sommelier on hand to help you with your selections. Whether it is a romantic dinner out, or a larger, festive special occasion with all of your friends, Casanova makes for a memorable experience any night of the year. –

For a musically inspired dinner out, and I do mean outside, try Decker’s on Seven Mile Beach. There is a reason to be at Decker’s most nights of the week, but here are a couple of really good reasons to check the place out. First, I have just one word for you – lobster. If you are a luxurious lobster fanatic like I am, you will definitely want to make sure to pop into Decker’s on Tuesday or Saturday nights for “All You Can Eat Lobster Night,” it is simply the best on the island, no question. If you want musical ambience added to your dining experience, make sure to make your way there on any Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. Enjoy soothing live music on the deck by local musical sensation Hi-Tide. Even if dinner is not on your mind, just pop in and relax at the outdoor bar. Take in the music, the fresh breeze and a delicious cocktail. Make sure to go up and say hi to Shane and Sean. You will become an instant fan. – /

Finally, you could really treat yourself in lavish dining luxury by strolling into Blue by Eric Ripert. Located in the Ritz Carlton, Blue offers an over-the-top, exquisite seven-course dining adventure of the senses. If you are a fan of Le Bernardin in New York, you will love Blue. Once you take in Blue, the only words that will come from your lips will be “exquisite,” “unforgettable,” “breathtaking” or “thrilling”. Whether it is lobster, seafood or other courses with an excellent wine list, come prepared to make this a full evening event. The only limit to Blue is the 5 out of 5 star rating. After your experience at Blue, you will agree it should be ten stars!

After a luxurious dinner, take a stroll to one of the most popular lounges on Seven Mile Beach for wine or after-dinner cocktails. Grand Cayman boasts an array of nightlife for the discerning patron. Let’s start with a restaurant and lounge that I have already mentioned before – Luca. Luca is known for having one of the better brunches on the island. It is also a hot spot for sampling luxurious wine and cocktail selections with you and your group of well-dressed friends!” Located right in the heart of Seven Mile Beach on the oceanfront, Luca has an inviting bar supported by a cellar featuring over 3000 bottles of varieties from around the globe.

There are many more great lounge and nightlife hot spots to share with you soon. We have just scratched the surface! In my next post, we will explore some of the best in upscale luxury nightlife offerings along Seven Mile Beach. In the meantime, start the new year with a vacation to the luxurious Cayman Islands. While you are roaming around Grand Cayman and enjoying the luxuries of Island life, take time out to scout around for your perfect new Cayman luxury property! Contact Cayman Luxury Property Group and let us help you find the perfect islands escape.

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