The Luxuries of Fine Dining in the Cayman islands Part 2 – Camana Bay

“It is another beautiful day in the Cayman Islands.” That is my favorite phrase that many utter daily. Cayman truly is a jewel in the center of the luxurious paradise of the Caribbean. Getting the chance to carve out even the tiniest fraction of Cayman luxury real estate…

By: Gavin P. Smith

…makes life well worth living. Living the luxury life in Cayman means escape and indulgence, along with experiencing a much simpler yet higher quality of life.

In my prevous blog about the Cayman Islands luxury lifestyle, I mentioned three specific characteristics that truly define a luxurious Cayman dining experience. A dining location should ideally combine three things – the highest quality of unique and freshly prepared foods, impeccable service with attention to detail, and the perfect ambience, atmosphere or view. I also shared with you three of the more long-running and established favorites of mine (Eduardo’s, Morgan’s Harbor and The Lighthouse). There are also newer favorites that have quickly established themselves in the new Camana Bay development on Seven Mile Beach.

You could spend a full day at Camana Bay and sample a wide variety of luxury Cayman culinary treats. From the simplest, most delicious fruit smoothies at Jessie’s Juice Bar to chic sushi offerings at Mizu, to more complex dining treasures discovered at Abacus or Ortanique, Camana Bay offers a dining combination that complements perfectly with the luxurious surroundings and gorgeous vistas.

Perhaps you are reading this and are still considering whether to invest in Cayman Islands luxury real estate. Maybe you are wondering what a day in such a paradise would be like? Let’s fast forward a bit. Picture yourself already livilng in the lap of Cayman luxury. You have decided to spend the day at Camana Bay. How about kicking off the morning at Cafe’ Del Sol? Wide awake, you venture into various shops. By mid-morning, a little refreshment is in order. A delicious fruit smoothie with mango, pineapple and banana from Jessie’s Juice Bar is just the ticket. After a bit more shopping and strolling you walk down to the main waterfront park and take a seat in one of the larger chairs and just take in the view. No traffic, no city noises, no dirty air, no pressures. Ah the peaceful pleasures of Cayman luxury living.

Hold on, we are not even halfway through this glorious day just yet! It’s lunchtime. You could check out Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink or the Black Trumpet Gourmet Deli before heading back out along the promenade for more shopping and sunshine. In the early afternoon, it is time to pause for a quick treat at Frosted Robin Cupcakes, ice cream at Haagen-Daz, or a delightful cup of yogurt at Ginger Lily Frozen Yogurt.

After you pause to catch yet another gorgeous Cayman sunset, it is time to kick off your night with a luxurious Cayman dining experience. Perhaps you are feeling creative and would like to shape your own experience by combining a variety of Caribbean tapas and small plates at Karoo. Or, for a fresh, formal night out, try Ortanique. Ortanique puts a new twist on traditional Cairbbean fare, especially if you are in the mood for fish, fruits, vegetables and traditional tropical seasonings. If sushi is your style, enjoy the view from the waterfront patio while having a quick bite of sushi or other Southeast Asian delights at Mizu. Finally, if you crave the outdoor vibe and a bit of action, head over to Abacus. They offer outdoor seating on The Paseo with an open-air kitchen and hip lounge for those after-dinner cocktail gatherings.

After spending a full day just in Camana Bay, the best part about luxury dining in the Cayman islands is simply the fact that you own a piece of Cayman luxury real estate. That means you do not have to leave. It is not a vacation fantasy that ends after a week in a hotel. You are in Cayman, you are living the life. After a day at Camana Bay, there is no rush to be anywhere else, except perhaps to make you way over to Seven Mile Beach for a moonlit stroll down one of the most cherished beaches in the world.

There are so many other dining, shopping and nightlife offerings that I have yet to even mention. More information about those “soon come”! In the meantime, find out all about what Cayman luxury livling has to offer. Make the investment in Cayman Luxury real estate and give your palette and tastes the luxury they deserve!

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